How do you want the home design style? Minimalist, luxurious, modern? To get the look of a house with the right design style, you also have to choose furniture with the right design style so that every design element in the room is mutually sustainable and forms a harmonious design unit.

Fortunately, teak furniture now comes in various types of designs that you can choose according to the design style you want. All you have to do is choose the right teak furniture to decorate your home. Want to know how to choose the right teak furniture? Check out the following tips:

1. Avoid teak furniture that has lots of holes – Why? Because this hole is a sign that the wood used to make furniture has been inhabited by insects and it does not rule out the possibility that the insects are still in the wood. If your furniture is inhabited by insects, then your furniture will often emit powder and slowly but surely, your furniture will be more porous from day to day.

2. Smooth finish – One way to judge whether teak furniture is of good quality is to look at the finish of the furniture. A good finish indicates that the furniture is made by a reliable and professional furniture craftsman. Then what are the characteristics of teak furniture with good finishing?

Well-managed teak furniture has an even coloration with all the pores of the wood well closed. The finishing layer must also be thick and smooth. A thin and wavy finish indicates that the furniture is not well made.

3. Room design – It was mentioned earlier that the selection of furniture that suits the type of design you want is very important to maintain harmonious design in the room. You cannot have a room with a contemporary modern design by using teak furniture with traditional carvings. Fortunately, Indonesian teak furniture designs have now followed the development of the design world and you can freely choose the type of design that you like.

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