Lombok Trekking Tour

Lombok trekking tour is our Lombok holiday package which is come more popular for most travelers. Our Lombok tour packages are suited to your holiday budget.

We offer the great mount trekking tour in Lombok. Rinjani mountain is now open for the world level trekkers and also the local. Our Lombok trekking tour arranges to make you easily find the great activity on Lombok island.

There are so many things you can see on Lombok, such as nature, culture, and adventures. Lombok is also well known as one of the best beach activity in Indonesia.

Ther are the best things you can also do in Lombok such as Surfing, diving, mount volcano trekking. See details the Lombok trekking tour and find the suitable tour and trekking you want to do.

Getting to Lombok

There are ways of getting to Lombok from Bali or from Jakarta such as following:

  • Ferry from Padang Bai Bali to Lembar.
  • Fast Boat from Bali.
  • Flight from Denpasar to Lombok International Airport.

These are the best way and very recommended for you to get to Lombok island.

If you getting on the fast boat from Bali, you need only 1 1/2 hour to get to Lombok. The fast boat also offers free hotel transfers in Bali and Lombok.

And if you get on the slow ferry, that will be 5 hours to get to Lembar harbor in the Westsouth Lombok. And then you need to arrange a taxi or car from Lemboat to Kuta beach or Senggigi.

Flight from Denpasar Airport will take about 30 t0 45 minutes. When you get to Lombok Airport, you need to contact us for the transfers. You can also make a booking tour which includes the pick up from the Airport.

The Best Lombok Trekking Tour

There is some recommended Lombok trekking tour, you can see the below:

  • Day tour to Kuta Beach
  • Waterfall day tour
  • 3 days Rinjani trekking
  • 2 days Lombok trekking tour
  • Lombok city tour

There are many more tour packages that you can find online with us.

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