Best Time to Visit Flores Island from Bali

Flores is an island located in the east Nusa Tenggara province of Indonesia. It is a beautiful island where you will find amazing culture, nature, and tradition. The island of Flores is one of the best Indonesian tourist destinations to visit. It is important to know when the best time to visit Flores island from Bali is before planning a trip.

Flores island tours are the best ways to explore the island. You will be able to choose to do day tours or overnight tour packages with private or shared arrangements. The tours to Flores are available daily for departure from Maumere and Labuan Bajo.


You can also arrange the Flores island tour package from Bali and Lombok. However, this will need to arrange in advance due to the high traffic of flight passengers from Bali. This tour package is also able to do with a land adventure from Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, and then Flores Island. You will need speed more time to do this trip.

For your best trip to Flores, it is recommended to find an online Flores travel agency. This will allow you to plan your trip in advance and a better arrangement. However, if you only have a short holiday or you do not have much time you can take a Flores island day tour.

On Flores island, there are hotels or accommodations spread around the island. Flores island resort is one of the best accommodations to book when you plan to visit Flores island. You can take a tour of Flores which includes a hotel the price. This will the best option if you do not have time to look for a hotel to stay in Flores during the trip to Flores.

The Best Time to Visit Flores Island from Bali

Generally, Indonesia has two seasons in a year, the rainy season and the dry season. The dry season is coming from April to September and the rainy season is coming from October to March.

Flores island has a lot of rain Flores and the road condition is mainly throughout the mountains. Therefore the best time to visit the island is during the dry season, between April to September. However, in some of the months during the rainy season is also possible to visit. You can also do a Flores tour during December and March.

For the best arrangements, you will need to arrange your trip in advance to get a better arrangement. At Flores island, tour packages from Labuan Bajo offer an arrangement for those who want to visit Flores Island.

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Recommended Flores Island Tour Packages

For the best travel experience to Flores, on this page, you will find some of the best-recommended tour packages to Flores island. You can join a private or shared tour package. These tour packages will start from Labuan Bajo and Maumere.

Full-day Goa Rangko Cave tour Labuan Bajo is one of the perfect Flores day tours to book. This tour will available for departure from Labuan Bajo. You will explore one of the best tourist destinations in west Flores, Indonesia. Enjoy swimming in the natural pool inside the cave.

Flores Komodo tour package 5 days and 4 nights. This tour will allow you to visit the Wae Rebo village for 2 days and 1 night. And then continue to visit the Komodo island tour 3 days and 2 nights. This is one of the recommended Flores island trips which depart from Labuan Bajo.

2 days and 1-night Wae Rebo Village tour package. This tour will allow you to visit the authentic traditional village of the Manggarai tribe in west Flores island. You will also visit the spider web rice field in Cara village and a beautiful view of Denge village.

7 days 6 nights Flores island tour package from Maumere. This tour will explore the island from east to west including a day tour package to Komodo. You will enjoy visiting Kelimutu, Bena village, Wae Rebo Spider web rice field, and Komodo National Park. This tour package to Flores is one of the best recommended for family or couple trips.

4 days 2 nights Flores Komodo tour package is a tour package to explore the best destination in Flores and Komodo National Park. You will visit Goa Rangko cave and continue to do a 3 days and 2 nights Komodo National Park tour package.

For more recommended Flores tour packages, you can visit the page Flores island tour packages from Labuan Bajo or Maumere. There are also tours to Komodo, Sumba island tour, and Alor island tour package. A dive trip to Komodo is also available.

Interesting Places to Visit on Flores Island

On this page, you will also find some of the recommended places you can visit while visiting Flores Island. You may choose to visit some of these places for your great holiday on Flores island.

Kelimutu Volcano mountain is one of the amazing volcanic mountains on Flores island. This mountain has three colored lakes where you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. You will need to trek 45 minutes to the top of the mountain. The Flores tour from Bali will include Kelimutu lake on the arrangement for a 7-day tour package.

Bena Village is a traditional village of the Bajawa tribe. This village is located in central Flores. You will experience the local life and the history of this village during the Flores tour package.

SpiderWeb Rice Field or Lingko Lodok is located in Manggara, West Flores. This is one of the amazing places to visit where you can enjoy the view and also the history of the rive field formation. If you visit this Lingko Lodok, you can join the tour to Flores for 2 day and one-night tour package.

Wae Rebo village is a Manggarai authentic village in west Flores. This village has only seven traditional houses which are shaped regarding the beliefs of Manggarai history. To visit this village, you can join a Flores tour to Wae Rebo village from Labuan Bajo or from Ruteng.

Goa Rangko is located in Rangko village, Labuan Bajo. It is one of the amazing destinations to visit in west Flores. You will enjoy swimming in the salted natural pool inside the cave. The tour package to Goa Rangko cave offers a daily departure from Labuan Bajo.

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